Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My family & I stick together like glue

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Handprint Rudolph

This is a handprint Rudolph. I traced Hailey's hand on brown construction paper, cut it out, used black marker for the hooves, a red pom pom for nose, green pipe cleaner for antlers, googly eyes, and a jingle bell attached to a brown ribbon.

Paper Cup Angel

This is a paper cup angel Hailey made. I saw a similiar version of it on a different blog site. I used a paper cup, muffin cups, construction paper and a gold pipe cleaner (for Halo).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spam Musubi & Onigiri

So today I decided to make Spam Musubi and Onigiri (Japanese Rice balls stuffed with your
favorite meat). It was my first time making these two meals, and they actually came out pretty
good! I used white rice, Spam, Norimaki (Seaweed) and soy sauce!

PB & J "sushi" rolls

Hailey loves Asian food and loves to use her pink chopsticks from Tokyo any chance she can.
I added a little Asian flair to a simple PB & J sandwich by making it look like sushi rolls. It is really easy, just get 2 slices of white bread, cut off the crust. Then using a rolling pin flatten the bread, add a thin layer of PB & J, roll it up then cut it up into 4 parts.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Light Festival



Today we also went to the Holiday Light Festival in LA. We went last year and it is one of our new traditions. Hailey loves the lights and seeing her happy makes me happy. We walked about a mile surrounded by beautiful xmas lights, sipping hot chocolate and eating churros. We had fun on our ice skating adventure and at the Holiday Light Festival! Good Night ZzZ

Hailey's Signature

Hailey loves to write & draw all day...she's been practicing her "signature", this is what she came up with, too cute.

Ice Skating @ LA Live

All ready to go Ice Skating at LA Live

My family & I on the skating rink


Today, we went ice skating at LA Live! It was mine & Hailey's first time, it was a little scary at first, but fun! My poor princess had a little trouble, her little skinny chicken legs were barely holding her up, but she still had fun and wants to go back.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Lunch

For Hailey's lunch today I made her a Rudolph PB& J Sandwich, with a banana snowman, she really enjoyed her lunch!

French Toast Christmas tree

I made Hailey this cute french toast xmas tree I had seen on another bloggers site...I made some changes and added mini marshmallows and whipped cream for "snow". I sprinkled powdered sugar on the toast as well as green sprinkles and added green and red m&m's for the ornaments.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hailey's Christmas Dance Recital

My Family after Hailey's Dance Recital!

she liked her gift...

proud daddy and our cute reindeer

after the recital, all the kids got cookies and some goodies...


Just a little gift I got for her ...

my precious Rudolph before her Christmas Dance Recital....

Today was Hailey's Christmas Dance Recital for her dance class. She is currently taking ballet, tap, and jazz. The recital was so cute, there were angels, little santas, and others performing. Her group were the Reindeers and she got to be "Rudolph". We had a lot of fun and afterwards went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings (one of our favorite restaurants for wings).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mistletoe, kissy kiss!

Today, I visited the Holiday Boutique at Hailey's school and bought some mistletoe to hang up on our doorway as well as
some other cute Holiday stuff they had there. When my hun got home he found it and pulled me close for some Holiday kisses, he's a sweetie! :D

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Handprint Santa w/ Poem

Todays arts & crafts was a handprint Santa w/ a cute poem!