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Violets are blue,
My family & I stick together like glue

Friday, December 4, 2009

Peppermint Candy with Poem

Today Hailey & I made a peppermint candy with a poem arts & crafts. I got the idea from:, she has so many neat arts & crafts! It is really simple, we used a total of 3 paper plates, red and green paint, and I made 2 small red ribbons. First she painted the main part of the "candy" red & green, then we used a paper plate for each side of the candy, put her handprint on them and cute them into triangles then attached to each side of the main "candy" plate. We then printed out the cute poem and attached to the center plate (after it dried of course). The last part was attaching a small red ribbon on each side, and all done!

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